You choose us – Recruiting the best candidates

In the world of endless open job applications and an interesting large number of job seekers, there are busy bees, so-called Recruiters. Their job is to find the right candidate for every open job position and when we think about it, although it seems like an easy job by just scrolling up and down to Linkedin, this job is more that honey on a spoon.

The one with the Branding

Before we even get to what recruiters do and their daily struggles with the candidates, let’s talk more about building the company brand. Every company has a team of busy bees, so-called marketers that provide the marketing buzz for the world outside. Before you even get to the recruiter and talk about a specific job, you want to hear a few good words about the company itself, and that’s what marketing bees are doing.

They are in charge of making the company the best working environment for the potential employees by establishing a clear brand mission statement, outline the key qualities of the company and why it stands out from its competitors, presenting warm environment and excellent teamwork in the company and many other positive sides that may attract new people, whether they are potential employees or new clients.

Undercover Recruiter

After we talked about building the brand of the company, we can now talk about the recruiters and their main job – recruiting the best candidates. In the background of this job, there is a simple but complicated, fun but not so fun process, a collection of steps – how to get the right employee. Starting from CV search and selection, talent acquisition, recruitment marketing to database maintenance. They cover all those services and they do a detailed job in each of the processes. 

The real struggle comes up when it comes to hunting new candidates. The market of the workforce is enormous, and they need strong psychological skills to choose the one in a million. And the best part of being a recruiter is that they are great salespeople, they can easily sale you the job, whether you are in the bus, buying groceries in a store, going out with friends, you can always come across a recruiter. These busy bees are everywhere! And that kind of workers needs every company.

Shark Attack – The struggles

The best thing at the end of the week for every recruiter is counting all the job applications they closed. But what happens when they accidentally choose the wrong candidate. Well, you have no idea what types of people they are dealing on a daily level. Some candidates change their mind for the job in the last minute. Some candidates lied on their resumes and after getting the job they disappoint the client. Some candidates are the right ones for the job but not good team workers as they said in the interview.

And that’s what we call the shark attack because it comes from nowhere, no one warns you and you just have to deal with it in the best way possible, of course, if you are a survivor.

You see, being a recruiter is not just one job. There are many jobs in one, starting from being a good psychologist, engaging sale person, and from time to time a convincing politician. But if you have the right recruiting people in the company, you can be sure that you are taking your company on the next level.

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