The Official HR Approved Career Survival Kit by Causeway Connect – Part 2


…I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody ! Won't you please, please help me ?!

Shout it out from the rooftops, scream it out in your emails, write it out on the creative board. Ask for help! Work can be a stressful place sometimes, and as much as we may be on a certain position because we were chosen as the best for it, it does not mean that we will always have the solutions to everything. This goes out for every part of the corporate latter that you might be on. Managers, assistants, specialists and CEOs alike, let yourself be vulnerable. Whether you are being put in a position of a team leader or a team member, asking for help on performing a certain job task is not seen as a failure, but rather an effort from your side to find the best solution.

I had the opportunity recently to be working with one of our Shark like clients on an HR-related project within the insurance and reinsurance industry. If you could scan through my inbox in the past few weeks, the majority of the subject lines on my emails are named: Help!

It is surprising how much you get done and how much progress you make if you overcome the fear of asking for guidance, and admitting you don’t know how to do something. Because the reality is, that if everyone knew everything, Google would just be a bunch of letters put together that do not make sense.

The argument here can be that in such a competitive surrounding, everyone might be out to get you, and your co-workers or competitors can smell your fear. There are 2 reasons how that argument can be disputed and turned into a common misconception:

  1. People do not have the time to be concerned with your possible demise
  2. People do not have the time to be concerned with your possible demise

As part of the HR team, I and my colleagues’ job is to be concerned with everyone’s performance, tasks and responsibilities to guarantee the impeccable functioning of the company. The truth is, everybody is so busy with ensuring that they are giving their best in performing a certain task on top of juggling a personal life or a family or university or partying that they rarely have the time or energy to plan your destruction. So put all your cards on the table, expose what you presume as your weakness and own it, because it is a proof that you seek improvement, and constantly try to make yourself better and employers value that.

And in the spirit of helping your work buddies, I want to give a shout out to the management team at Causeway, who have helped me when I couldn’t crack out (Zoho) HR system, when I had a creative shutdown, when I ran out of people to recruit, when I was stuck in the office all night and an honourable mention to everyone who has ever left a midday snack on my desk when I was having a bad day. Many thanks for being the platform for the above paragraph and giving ‘’teamwork’’ a good name.

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