The 4 Best Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

Let's face it – the job market nowadays is as saturated and competitive as it's ever been. Every single company is trying to get ahold of the best workers and yours is no different. So, what can you do to maximise the success of your recruitment marketing?

Personalised Candidate Approach
One thing they always taught us in sales was: "Make your outreach as personalised as possible." And contacting candidates is no different. The same way that we advise candidates to look the company up before applying, it should be working vice versa as well. Look up the candidate's LinkedIn profile, scoop the internet for any other useful data  – and then use these things to create a more personalised approach/interview with the candidate. I guarantee you that if done in the right way the candidate will be left in awe and you will significantly increase the chances he/she accepts your job offer.

Employee Referrals

Who would have that one of the best tactics of gaining new employees who fit your company culture is utilising your already existing employees.. who also fit into your company culture. Shocker, I know. All jokes aside, employee referral is a great way of growing your team for two reasons. Firstly, it's a very cheap and effective way of spreading the message that you're hiring – you don't have to spend a bunch of money on advertising the job position. Secondly, it's a great long-term tactic to get new employees. If you have an employee referral program then your existing employees will tell all their friends about their job because they get something out of it as well. It's a win-win scenario!

Utilise Your Local Scene
So, you're looking for someone to join the local branch of your company? Or just looking for someone who lives in the area? Even though remote working is becoming a bigger thing by the year, some companies want to go for a local approach. And that's perfectly fine – as long as you know where to find these potential employees. Local startup coffee meetups, conferences or just networking events, in general, are a great place to start. Go there, mingle with the people and chances are you'll find the exact profile you're looking to hire. Who says good old fashioned face-to-face sales is dead?!


Utilise Social Media
Okay, we get it. You're anti-social and you dread at the mear thought of having to talk to another human being to their face. While this approach won't get you far in life, there's a solution for this too. According to the latest statistics, the average person spends around 2 and a half hours per day on social media. Now, this isn't something that we should be proud of but at this point, we're playing the system rather than trying to fix it. Let Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter be your friends in hiring. Post your job positions to your social media pages, use paid advertising to reach as many people as possible and let the algorithm do the rest.

Surely after all these different ways of improving your recruitment marketing, you can't still be struggling with filling your job positions. Whether it's offline or online, there are tons of ways to reach new people and get them to apply. Choose whichever tactic (or combination of tactics) works best for you, and make your recruitment marketing as efficient as possible.

Still not sold on any of the ideas I gave you? Causeway Connect has been in the UK recruitment industry for over 20 years, providing our clients with quality external workers. If you'd like to explore this option for your own company/organisation, drop us a line at and we'd be more than happy to provide you with a tailored proposal!

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