Talent Acquisition Manager or Superhero?

Many people think that a talent acquisition manager and recruiter are synonymous. And while they share many similarities, a talent acquisition manager has a broader range of job responsibilities in the long run.

Firstly, let us shortly recap on what it means to be a recruiter. As the same suggests, a recruiter is someone who sources, interviews and ultimately recruits new talents for the company he or she is working for. Simple, right?

Well, a talent acquisition manager is someone who is a slightly different type of recruiter. The difference is that someone who works in talent acquisition is focused more on the long-term recruitment strategy and trying to form relationships with people who are in managerial or very senior positions. For example, when a company is expanding into a new sector/department someone needs to be in charge of the new efforts. Instead of spending 6 months trying to find the right person, a talent acquisition manager will have already identified the person and have him ready to join the team ASAP.

But identifying the right people is the easier part, the real magic needs to happen from the first contact up until the person joins the company. In other words, you have to maintain an active relationship with the person so that you can recruit him down the line. This is why any type of recruitment job requires strong interpersonal communication skills. It really is a bit of sales, marketing and recruitment all in one job.

To recap, while recruitment and talent acquisition share many similar traits, a talent acquisition manager is someone who is in charge of the long-term recruitment strategy of the company. A recruiter might be in charge of filling up day-to-day job openings within the company, but a talent acquisition manager is someone who identifies and nurtures a special relationship with management-level people.

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