Recruitment Marketing Platforms: All You Need To Know

Recruitment marketing platforms are software systems that help you automate some of the processes of your recruitment marketing. They assist you in utilising data to improve your overall recruitment process. But, the first question that anyone asks when they hear the term recruitment marketing platform is: Why would any company need an RMP?

Well, the answer is more complex than you think. There are many benefits to using a recruitment marketing platform. They span from saving you time and effort in doing day-to-day things which you can automate, improve your employer branding, gather important recruitment data etc. So, let's look at some of these and explain how they can provide value to your recruitment marketing.

Automate Processes
If you're facing a database of hundreds (or thousands) of people, you need to be able to segment them correctly and them contact them when need be. Sure, you can do this one by one, but having an RMP can help you do multiple processes at once. Whether that's sending mass emails, categorising candidates or just move them down the recruitment pipeline, you can do any of these things automatically and in bulk and concentrate on having actual interviews instead.

Use Data
Time and time again, we speak about data as this scary word that a lot of people stray away from because it's "too complicated". In reality, it's not complicated at all, at least not with RMP's. Using this software can help you recognise and use certain data which it automatically collects. For example, an RMP will be able to tell you where your candidate saw your application when he applied, how many people clicked on the job application, how many applicants you got etc. This is all useful information to have for knowing how and where to continue your recruitment marketing strategy.

Optimise Your Recruitment
If once upon a time, print job placements were the industry standard, nowadays it's all done digitally and making the application process as user-friendly as possible. Do you have a clean and simple UI? Is the job position easily discoverable? Does it have all the necessary info about the job and company? All these are questions that you need to ask yourself if you want to be successful in your recruitment efforts. Nobody wants to go through your careers section of your site and get lost in a bunch of needless information. Keep it short, but informative – that's the golden rule.

Recruiting doesn't have to be hard. Using a recruitment marketing platform can make your job (and life) much easier. Do your research on the different platforms, see which one works best for you and offers the best features and start utilising it in your recruitment marketing strategy. You'll be surprised at how much you're missing out on!

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