Recruiter on demand – what can you expect

Being a recruiter in a world with an endless line of people looking for a job is not as easy as it seems. To have the right people in the companies, they are going through a large process finding the right candidate for the job opening. But what happens when the company need a recruiter? Is that more difficult searching process? Who are the people recruiting the recruiters?

What to expect from a Recruiter on demand?

People that are working in the field of Recruitment are dedicated to:

  • Representing your brand
  • Let’s you scale your team to match demand
  •  They keep you in control of all aspects of the recruitment process
  •  Gives you control over your recruitment budgets
  •  Supports your direct sourcing strategy
  •  Feeds your talent pipeline
  •  Gives your candidates the necessary training

How to be the WANTED Recruiter?

Make connections – whether that means you create connections on Linkedin, at parties or on events outside of your workplace. According to statistics, recruiters usually reject more candidates than they hire. But if you are a smart one, you can build relationships with those have rejected. If you are the recruiter every company needs, you will know how to take the best from your candidates and keep that in mind for in the future. 

“I spend about an hour a day responding to messages in my Linkedin network, but it’s worth it. It’s all about relationships and nurturing those relationships both professionally and personally. I invest in my network and my contacts, in turn, take time to help me back.”

Think ahead – to be a recruiter that add a certain value to the company you must think ahead about new job openings before there is an actual announcement from the company. Here you will need the connections you are making on a daily base to engage the passive candidate and create a strong network for the new job position. Being present on HR events will help you to make connections with companies that are looking for new employees and also to stay up-to-date with the newest recruitment trends.

Play different roles – while doing your job as a recruiter, you are also a salesperson in order to sell the job to the right candidate, a marketing person, so you can promote the benefits people will get from the job position and a good writer in order to write the perfect job description for a job opening and to make sure is simple and clear. Above all, as a recruiter, you have to be a team player who has good communication and collaborates with the colleagues on a daily level.

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