Pt.2 Crisis Management in the time of COVID-19

Any business organization, company and corporation should have their modus operandi set as if though in a crisis. 

But you might ask yourself where is the proof that this particular option works? Where does the evidence lay? 

Well to be exact, it resides in a 2000-meter squared office in the heart of Skopje and runs by the name of Causeway Connect. 

Equipped with professionals who have been carved in a world of constant crises as mentioned above, ready and eager to transform your business and leave their mark on the industry.

We are facing an enemy who has put locks on the business and branches around the world and is leaving people jobless and companies are losing money, simply because of the prohibition of interaction. Well, what if we told you that you could operate just the same, and actually make a profit in a time of crisis? 

By following the rule stated above, Causeway Connect has remained untouched by this crisis because we as a team and as a company thrive on remote work and ‘’no need for contact’’ type of management. 

As a resource service provider, we have been equipping businesses with its remote employees for 10 years. We have created a smooth functioning business environment in which our management team’s only agenda is to have your finished product and KPIs met, no questions, no excuses no explanation. Whether you are in need of a marketing consultant, a finance analyst, an HR expert or a lead generation service, we are here for you!

By taking control of the management of your remote employees who are currently functioning perfectly from the comfort of their own homes, we are saving you costs on human resources managers, expensive rates of the salaries of the new workforce and equipment and office space savings. While we are doing that, we are also handing you professional and talented individuals who in a time of crisis like this will still have your project done and targets met. 

When everyone sees a threat, we invite you to see the world currently through our eyes as the team of Causeway Connect and perceive it as an opportunity. If you collaborate with us and we will take the first lines of combat in this crisis and do the dirty work for you without even leaving our homes #socialdistancing

Why? Because the team of Causeway Connect is the generation that has this economic mess thrown upon, and we owe it to ourselves to prove you and the rest of the world that, we were managing the crisis all along

We were terrorised with fear and confined to our four walls. One could say as a generation we might lose everything to this virus, our jobs, our security, our future. But the thought of losing everything also made us lose our fear. And without fear, we are free to risk it all, to come up with the most creative solutions to transform business such as yours and help you to keep fighting.

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