Pt.2 A Tale of Two CVs

You will never get a second chance to do a first impression.

In your quest for your dream job, incessantly it all comes down to how good of a show-off you are. Your CV can be the key to your future success- cliché but so very true. It sounds outlandish that all of your career progress can come down to how good your skills look on a piece of paper. Read that sentence again. It all comes down to how good your skills LOOK, not how good they actually are. 

The following paragraphs will contain purely materialistic, looks-based, superficial harsh truths about how unpresentable your CV can look to a Hiring Manager or a Recruitment Specialist.

But it is not all gloom and doom. You can always rely on your Causeway Connect recruiters to show you the ropes of creating a perfect CV. Like all great things, this one as well takes effort and time investment so we have shortened it down to a few simple steps:

  1. Template your way through
  2. Stay Relevant
  3. Always tell the truth
  4. Mind Your Language!
  5. Tone it down on the graphics 
  6. Reevaluate 
  1. Future employee meet Microsoft Word CV Template, Microsoft Word CV Template meet Future Employee. It is as simple as that. The most basic tools you have at disposal to type up your CV already contain pre-made templates that include mind-boggling graphics that you can play around with. All you have to do as someone in search of a job is seduce us with your skills, that will be neatly stacked in your pre-designed CV. If you are feeling a tad more creative and you are prepared to give your CV a full makeover, countless websites provide tutorials or allow you to download their CV templates.

Here is a couple:

A sad fact we all have to face sometimes during our job hunt is that open vacancies don’t just grow on trees. And this is even more emphasised now, ever since Tarantino decided to direct 2020. The world is left defenceless with an economic crisis sweeping through it, not leaving anyone unharmed. Although we can hide behind technology and claim that remote and online jobs will save us, and we could write surveys and be freelancers forever, our generation, the Millennials, will have to take the consequences of the current dystopian cloud that has descended on Earth with the COVID-19.
As a job hunter, you must be better prepared than ever to face the competition once we adapt to the ‘’new normal’’ That means that you are going to have to polish and trim your most important weapon- your CV and stay relevant. We as recruiters and hiring managers, want to see what you have been doing aside from your 9-5 jobs. What skills and platforms can you tackle? What digital trends are you on top of? What is the latest language you have mastered? What academy have you attended? What course are you looking forward to taking? Which industry are you passionate about aside the one you are applying for? Tell us everything in your CV! Make yourself sound like the most exciting person you have ever met.

 Your CV is no place for lies. Please be truthful about who you are, and what you are experienced in, you will save yourself from embarrassment during the interview process. If you feel like you are not fit for a certain position, don’t try to still make your CV fit for that position. It is easy to type up that you are fluent in a language or a programming app, but time will always tell the truth.

 Where would we be today without autocorrect? In a world of grammar apps and sentence reviewers, you cannot allow yourself to sound unprofessional, uneducated or grammatically incorrect on your CV. It is an instant turn off for recruiters, because any job you are applying for will eventually need your emailing skills, and we as hiring managers, would rather just not take the risk.

 Although I made us recruiters look superficial in the beginning, at the end of the day what we truly are looking for is talent not looks. We don’t need your ‘’face tuned’’ photos on the CV, they are not going to make us like you better. We will also be fine without the elaborate shapes and figures in different colours, that you think make your CV look fancy. It actually just distracts us from focusing on your skills. Make sure you represent your talent on your CV, not your graphic design skills.

 Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? So, neither should your CV, after all, it contains all the history about you and most importantly all your future possibilities. So maybe take a couple of days to work on your CV, review it, proofread it and even send it to a friend to do the same.


Happy Job Hunting!

With love,

The CC HR team

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