Pt.1 Brush Off on Your Online Interview Skills

Lights! Camera! Action!

Oh, also don’t forget to unmute your mic! And, make sure your pets aren’t around. Triple check your WI FI…and your alarm clock for that matter and you are almost on your way to having your perfect online Interview… sort of. 

In reality, a lot of things can and will go wrong, and as an HR freak, I have to tell you that. Unfortunately for this one you are going to have to put away your rose-coloured glasses (even though I preach pink usually) and settle in for the harsh truth of all the things that can ruin your online job interview. But luckily for you, we as an HR management team are here to prepare you for it. 

Between myself and my HR team in the past 765 days of doing talent acquisition and recruitment at Causeway Connect, we have seen it all while organizing our online interviews. Candidates being late, not having a proper Wi-Fi connection (my job interview with Causeway Connect went somewhere along those lines as well, kudos to my bosses for still employing me ) not having a proper attire on and not having an actual microphone or headset for the interview.

We have heard their dogs barking, their babies crying, their washing machines going off, their cellphones ringing and their thoughts going wild in front of the interviewers. After countless cringe moments, we decided that a simple post can be the solution. A post that will hopefully help you have a clearer perspective on how a successful online interview could go. A blog post that will help you indulge in your dream job if you just follow the next simple steps :

  1. Strive for the perfect Nirvana interview
  2. Know your platforms 
  3. Give your work experience a meaning
  4. Be better than your interviewer 
  5. Make friends with your recruiter
  6. BE ON TIME! 

    In a world of disenchantment, lost dreams and deadly viruses, we as a generation sometimes forget to just daydream, which given the harsh reality and circumstances it is quite easy to do. But when preparing for an online job interview that might get you the job of your dreams, you must honour yourself and despite, the struggle of living in our dystopian world, allow yourself to imagine the perfect interview.
    Grasp every second and every moment of the upcoming online interview in your mind and make it perfect. Answer all the right questions, make the funny punchlines and charm your way through. If you are going to aim, aim as high as you can, the rest is irrelevant. You owe yourself a perfect Nirvana online interview, and once you imagine it, you can’t allow to let yourself down J.
    Among the Zooms, the Skypes and the Google Hangouts of this digital era, it can be easy to lose your way through navigating these platforms that allow us to defy time and space, and always stay connected.
    Explore the features of your online interview platform a couple of days before the set date. Sometimes, in the deep waters of pressure and right answers during an interview, something as silly as finding the ‘’share screen’’ button can throw you off your game. Your dream job isn’t worth losing over a simple online video conference tool. Get informed!

 Interviews are more than just a summary of your skill, expertise and experience. Your interviewer wants to get to know YOU! Your quirks, your aspirations, your humour, your ethic, your morals, your sense of responsibility, your curiosity and zest. They want to see your personality, the one that is hidden beneath your perfect university GPA, your two years of experience with digital marketing, or finance, or your knowledge in software development.

And this is quite tricky to get across in a face to face interview, let alone an online one. This is why you just need to make sure that you give your experience a meaning. In the short amount of time you have for the online interview, try to connect every job experience to a certain aspect of your personality. Which job made you confident, which one brought out your leadership skills, which subject at school made you feel excited, what weird hobby you would never give up? Which office buddies made you feel like a part of a team, was it difficult to manage them? What is something that hits your sweet spot about the job you are being interviewed for? Free your mind, express yourself and the rest will follow…And so will the rest of the details on our tips for your perfect online interview. Stay tuned…

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