Pt.1 A Tale of Two CVs

You will never get a second chance to do a first impression.

In your quest for your dream job, incessantly it all comes down to how good of a show-off you are. Your CV can be the key to your future success- cliché but so very true. It sounds outlandish that all of your career progress can come down to how good your skills look on a piece of paper. Read that sentence again. It all comes down to how good your skills LOOK, not how good they actually are. 

The following paragraphs will contain purely materialistic, looks-based, superficial harsh truths about how unpresentable your CV can look to a Hiring Manager or a Recruitment Specialist. 

We can sugar coat it all we want, but as recruiters and HR aficionados, all we really care about before we make the initial contact with you on your first interview is how cluster free, legible, simple and structured your CV is. 

You might think it is superficial from our side, but our greatest single constant of strength through the ups and downs of our company has been the HR management’s talent to sniff out the best hires, and we rarely failed in that aspect. So, when we talk about CVs and presentation of skills, trust us, we know what we are saying. 

Recruiters, oftentimes go through as much as a 100 CVs per day, which means they can only allocate a couple of minutes to go through one CV. And the last thing they will want to go through is a sloppy, over descriptive, uninteresting, unpolished, desperate-looking CV. 

Even if your previous work experience was in NASA as a space engineer, it will most likely not matter if it is presented in a messy manner, involving endless paragraphs of clumsily written sentences about your acquired skills. 

But it is not all gloom and doom. You can always rely on your Causeway Connect recruiters to show you the ropes of creating a perfect CV. Like all great things, this one as well takes effort and time investment so we have shortened it down to a few simple steps:

  1. Template your way through
  2. Stay Relevant
  3. Always tell the truth
  4. Mind Your Language!
  5. Tone it down on the graphics 
  6. Reevaluate 

I am sure you want to read all about the golden details that come along with these six simple steps, so stay tuned till next Thursday! 

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