Press Release: Causeway Connect and EuroBPO Merging


Ever since we started our journey in 2013, we’ve grown from just a handful to over a hundred people, connecting UK clients with Macedonian workers.

In the past 5 months, Causeway Connect was formed and has been working hand-in-hand with EuroBPO to provide the best workforce solutions for our clients. And now, we have something very exciting to announce!

EuroBPO and Causeway Connect are merging!

What does this mean?

Essentially, we’re just all coming under one roof called Causeway Connect. The people, principles, and work are still very much the same.

What does this change?

For us, not much. For you, this means even bigger employment possibilities and additional services being added through our partner companies.

We’re ecstatic to be able to finally announce this, and we look forward to expanding our team even further! We have many exciting things coming up in the next months, and we can’t wait to share all these projects with you.

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