Part 2 – To hire or not?

Better in time
Tick Tock… you have your candidate’s resume in one hand and your interview notes in another, it’s time to make your decision right now !! 
Relax. It is not the time to decide. 
You have probably heard the saying ‘’ Time is Money ‘’ and instantly, like society has dictated, you think, the faster you work the more money you make.
Surely, we can not define a saying carved by the biggest names in the industries ? Well we wouldn’t be recruiters if we did not.

During my humble experience in recruiting I have come to the conclusion that ‘’Time is money’’ is better interpreted as : by taking your time, you are making the money.
We at Causeway like to stick to the idea of hiring smarter, not hiring harder. 
When you are working on a budget, and you are a ‘’start up company gone massive’’ in under 2 years, you need to develop a hiring process that will stray away from the elitist way of thinking that you only need the best employees, yet not falter into thinking that you can only hire average employees or a ‘’band of misfits’’

So what are you left with ? Which employees do you take on board?

Even if you strip away from the marketing or sales budget and afford to hire the best employees out there, the truth is they are probably not going to stick around and identify with your brand because they are already out there being headhunted by some other company, or enjoying their view from the top. And if you take on the burden of hiring your (always entertaining and cool) band of misfits, you risk investing more time and more cash training them and building them up rather than letting them do their job and make the company profits.
Shall we get a drum roll please?

You hire employees that want to work for you. Simple right? You would think that 99 percent of the candidates that applied for your open job position want to work for you. Actually they would want to work on that job position. That is it. Your job is to figure out whether they would identify with who your company is, its vision, its people, its culture. And yes some might think that if an employee just does their job, it doesn’t really matter whether they identify with your company’s ideals and morals and values. Well would you become friends with someone only because they wanted to be your friend badly? Even though they’ve got tickets to a Taylor Swift concert when all you wanted to do was sing along to ‘’Start me up’’ from the Rolling Stones ? Even though you might have a got time for a short while, you probably wouldn’t become best friends with them. 

So treat your company the same way. Do not hire people just because they want to work on that particular job position, take your time and evaluate their goals and ideas which tie up with their values as well. It takes 20 seconds to spot an impressive CV and shortlist a candidate for a job position, it takes 20 minutes to hear about a candidate’s experience over the phone, but it takes 2 hours to sit down with a candidate, engage with them, get to know them, listen to their thoughts, judge their body language and compare your notes with your team of recruiters. Sometimes the brilliance of a candidate lays well beyond their CV. So measure your time wisely, while remembering that when you are recruiting, taking your time means making money, although it might not seem that way in the beginning, it will get Better in Time.



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