Part 1 – To hire or not?

A band of Misfits

As rewarding as it can be, at times dealing with something as vague as the labor market can be tedious. Unfortunately for recruiters and HR lovers, the labor market is not as transparent as we would like it to be. Often, when hiring, the only evidence for a candidate’s performance we have is their resume and reference letters or maybe the stories they convey at their interview. Unlike sports or music, we do not have any actual recording or example of a candidate’s performance.

So, how do we determine if they are the right fit for the role they have applied? Although as recruiters we tend to be a know-it-all (s) in all aspects of many industries, we are no experts in any particular one. So, judging from that how can we determine if someone in a particulate field such as sales or marketing is good at their job when there are so many ways their job can be done especially when it involves the factor of creativity? Some may say that to hire quality candidates, a company must give out higher wages for a particular job role, as the best candidates are always more expensive. In practice, however, when we compare the hiring statistics of our company, usually by placing higher wages for job roles, only means that we get more applicants, usually with more experience in years, but with no guarantee that they are the best at what they do.

So, are there ‘’best candidates’’ and if so, how does one hire them? What is the secret ingredient we use at Causeway Connect?

Many top-notch executives will often stick to the claim that they hire the very best talent and invest in rigorous training that will shape the candidates into stars. However, if that were the case then there wouldn’t be a company in the world that wouldn’t have the best candidates, and if everyone was the best, doesn’t that make everyone average?

And recruiter to recruiter we all know that although we all might have different ways of evaluation, the very core of the recruitment process is universal and will always stay the same (until we all get replaced by robots…we know it’s happening) we post a job and promote it over job boards and social media, scan resumes, shortlist candidates, interview candidates, and so on until we get to the last stage of the process and we or the CEO or the client decides whom to hire. Hence if we are all using the same process, we should all be getting the same results right? Wrong.

As recruiters, there is always the chance that we will let our ego get in our way. And that is just one of the variables. When we conduct interviews, like any normal human we operate on first impressions and we tend to size up the candidate in 15 minutes. And if we never compare our views or evaluate a candidate’s work after several months and we tell ourselves that we hire the best, we never have to admit that maybe even we make a mistake and slip up when it comes to hiring someone.

But even if that is the case you must be wondering, why do companies not hire average talent or even better a ‘’band of misfits’’ and invest in employee courses and training. It seems to be working just fine in every Disney/ Marvel movie ever made. Well, companies do that. Almost GBP 500 per month are invested per employee in companies on the western market, for training according to the Corporate Executive Board. So, there we go, problem solved! Well, not really. Because experts state that almost 90 % of employee training is inefficient due to poor design and human nature (humans usually resist changes in behaviour unless it is of the utmost necessity for evolutionary purposes)

Of course, I would be crazy to tell you that this is always the case, of course, there are exceptions but it usually has to do with the fact that the employees spend more time training than actually producing results and that is no good for the profit of any company.

Does it appear we have exhausted our options? Or have we?

If it is not profitable to hire average employees and train them or give out wages that are too high to only hire the best candidates ( which again only guarantees more candidates rather than the best talent ) then seems like we need to start panicking ?! But as we know by now that is not allowed in Causeway Connect, so we came up with a solution. We hire smart. And we wouldn’t be ourselves if we kept you guessing just how that is …until next week J


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