Intelligence Apps And its use for Future Intelligence

Intelligent apps at work 

The days when employees were gratified with simple mobile-enabled access to key business applications and data are gone. Today’s digital natives demand much more than this, they anticipate intelligent user experience and highly usable as offered by consumer apps. Intelligent apps assure to provide the same, also, IA aids employees to accomplish their work in a different manner, such as:

· By offering highly personalized and context-sensitive information, intelligent apps enable workers to quickly filter highly suitable information based on their needs, it facilitates the decision-making process.

· For the mobile workforce, intelligent apps can provide just the right information to do their current job efficiently. 

  • It automates complex problems via processing them into natural language, IA contributes to enhancing output, boost up response time.

In the near future, many corporations will continue to use their legacy tools or systems to find out to leverage AI to extend their business operations or processes. For example- simple applications i.e emails couldn’t go away completely; in this sense, organizations can develop intelligent apps with the feature to alert employees about emails who urge quick actions.

The best AI apps for Android and IOS

·    Cortana- after introducing windows10, Cortana is a well-known application for all. Before, the app was available for Windows phones but now available on Android devices too. This application helps you manage tasks that would need otherwise to do. For example- you only need to schedule a meet and the rest of the work will be handled by Cortana.

·    Hound- As same as Google Voice search, you can also use Hound by speaking naturally and gets outcomes displayed instantly. Furthermore, you can use this application to know current weather conditions and forecasts for the upcoming days. You can set multiple alarms, set timer, find food restaurants, find movie show, make calculations and search on the web by saying any keyword to get information.

·    Recent news- it is a new aggregation app that is powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms which will all examine your examine reading habits. Recent News is the best choice to stay updated with the topics you love. You can also synchronize this app with other devices. Furthermore, ease of exporting your history and bookmarks: it will also aid you to conserve battery by nullifying activities in the background.

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