Full-time Job and Freelance. Can you do it?

A lot of people nowadays are having full-time jobs and somehow still managing to do freelance gigs at the side. Having a day job and working plus a freelance job can take up a lot of time. You must regularly keep managing your daily tasks with the knowledge that when you’ll come home you must do it some more!

It can be tricky to find a balance between working your full-time job and pumping life and energy into your freelance or side work. 

First, there is the fact that you have a lot of hours to work with and so much brainpower to contribute, cause at the end of the day, everyone must rest.

You must watch out for issues like conflicts of interest, deadlines and contracts. For example, you may have a major deadline at your full-time job and in your freelance work, so you’ll have to choose to prioritize one or the other.

I am sure that a lot of freelancers in one point of their lives had the thought

 “Can I do this?”

Fear not, cause the answer is “Of course you can!” 

First, stay focused.

Prioritize your activities during the day, optimize your schedule to the point where you know what to do when. Make sure you are well-rested and ready to win whatever you are working on; nothing beats the satisfaction of receiving acknowledgement for getting a job done! 

Second, Love what you do!

I am incredibly passionate about art and everything related to it. But also, I am passionate and energized about getting things done in my company.

This passion has been pivotal to my success thus fur.

When you are freelancing with a full-time job, you’re likely to work late nights, early mornings and weekends. If you are passionate about what you are doing you’ll have a much greater likelihood of success because you enjoy what you do and because you are willing to put in the hours. 

Third – Ambition!

Have ambition and drive and this will help you be better at your side projects. Be your own boss, and remember: while working, coffee always comes in handy!

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