Feeling Frozen out of talents? Just Let it Go and hire an RPO!

Why Switch to RPO Recruitment?

Ever felt like talent acquisition, as the fancy word that it is, is just a pretty-faced beast? It sounds interesting, provocative, and like a task that requires nothing more than finding high-quality people that you’d approach and offer a sky-high salary to join your A team.

But behind this, allegedly “fancy” task, are a lot of details that, if ignored, can turn your headhunting adventure into an actual nightmare. Call it however you want it – recruitment is hard and complex, and any recruitment agency knows this very well.

Companies often feel “frozen” out of talents – especially in today’s highly competitive market where the workforce is shrinking, and thedemand is growing. In that position, they often realise that simply tasking part of their staff to do tons of HR work and finding people to fill in the open positions just isn’t enough.

Between them, there are companies who stick to the most detrimental 6 words a business can say: “We have always done it this way” and stay in the dark, and there are those who realise that recruitment is an area that changes as the world does – it just can’t be done the same way it was 10 years ago.


RPO meaning in detail

In today’s recruitment industry, recruitment process outsourcing has become pretty much essential. As providers of completely organised and optimized recruitment processes, resource service companies eliminate most of the problems that companies with small recruitment departments face and ultimately make them feel like they’re “frozen” out of talents:


  • According to statistics of CareerBuilder, 30% of employers have said that recruiting for high talent is their biggest concern. On top of this, retention of great talent is even harder, as 78% of employees stated they would instantly leave if offered another job. Starting to fear of a mass exodus in the company?


  • When your recruitment costs begin to put a strain on your budget, it’s a serious threat to your business. What will happen if you can’t cover those expenses by getting the talent to drive the money in?


  • Finally, if you’re recruiting in the skilled trades, you’re definitely feeling the pressure on your budget. Last year over 10 million jobs went unfilled – reported by many recruitment agencies London based.


It’s a fact that most recruitment companies all over the world experience these situations simply because they haven’t found the right solution to optimise their recruitment procedures. Recruitment services play a huge role in contributing to this process of optimisation, as they bring the most important assets to the table, which we’ll discuss in more details. For now, it’s evident that you no longer need to feel “frozen” out of talents – just hire an RPO and let it go!


Why should you engage with an RPO recruiter?

In recruitment, people are the most important asset and liability to the business at the same time. If you’re lucky enough to find great talent, you need to work hard to provide the environment you promised in order to keep them on the job, otherwise, your business will suffer the costs of finding and onboarding an employee on top of the operational costs of keeping a position vacant.

And this scenario is just so easy to happen in times of fast technological development and even faster adoption of technologies by people. Just as an example, companies like Apple and other Fortune 500 companies, all use RPOs to help them reach out and recruit talent from the Gen X and Millennials, but even more important, to create and maintain an atmosphere that appeals to these generations, so they stay and develop their careers in their companies.

Times are changing fast and just being the most expensive company in the world just simply isn’t enough to attract great talent.

This emphasises not only the importance of choosing the right one from the many types of recruitment process outsourcing providers but also the importance of freeing up time and resources to direct your HR Department in the right direction, which is focused on influence, engagement and helping employees become of personal value to the company.


Benefits of hiring a recruitment process outsourcing company

Engaging with an RPO brings most value to your business when you feel the wave of HR problems rising up: the staff you’re tasking to find great talent simply can’t stand up to the task, your HR department is suffering because they too are focused on looking for talent and neglecting other tasks, and the money is slowly being eaten away.

When engaging with an RPO, you’re getting the benefit of having your goals and visions included in their carefully designed machinery for attracting and retaining excellent talent. From this point on, the benefits are just numerous:


  • Fast hiring processes – an RPO has a carefully created and well-nurtured database of candidates which they can reach out to with an awesome job offer. This database is often the gold mine that most HR departments simply don’t have. It’s not just having the names in a spreadsheet; remember, people need attention, interaction and engagement – constantly.
    Call us today  if you have a vacancy in your company and see the power of a carefully nurtured database in reality!


  • Simplified recruiting – sourcing and pre-selection of candidates often is the phase that creates the most mess in recruitment departments. It takes time and resources, therefore making staff forget about their actual obligations. Plus, there are so many things to be inspected before a candidate makes it to your base! RPOs have all this covered by including different technologies that automate most tasks and provide the most relevant results. By the deadline you’ve indicated, you’ll get a cleaned list of carefully recruited candidates to choose from.


  • Lower Attrition Rate – attrition rate is HR’s nightmare. When the attrition rate is high, it indicated to the management of a company that something isn’t working quite right that causes people to leave the company. Even worse, that often translates in lost money, as the people who are recruited and leave after a while, cost the company money for recruitment and on-boarding – something that no company is keen on bearing. That’s why companies like Google, for example, hire large, state-of-the-art RPOs to make sure people don’t think of leaving the company. The top recruitment agencies London based, for example, work hard to prevent attrition from even happening, as that’s directly liable to them. It’s an RPO’s prime object to source for quality talents, right?


  • Cost-effective solution – we mentioned that recruitment mistakes will eventually put a strain on your budget. And that is a nightmare to managers! Engaging with an RPO is a cost-effective solution for recruitment agencies and businesses in all domains, as the results you’d get from engaging with a provider weigh to the price you’re paying for the service. Depending on the pricing model your provider offers you, it’s inevitable: you’ll get financial resources freed and available for re-distribution to other areas of your business. Call us today and we’d love to work through the financials of keeping an unoptimised recruitment process with you.


Finally, don’t forget that we live in a world that is constantly changing and is dominated by evolving technology. Businesses in this new, dynamic world need to be as open to technologies as possible, not just to show they’re up-to-date, but to reduce the inevitable costs they’ll suffer if they don’t. Recruitment-wise, seamlessly integrated technologies like AI, big data analysis and mobile technologies are a must for agile recruitment processes and attrition-proof HR services.

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