Driving traffic to your website with the Most Effective SEO Techniques – 2019

Fast-changing high technologies in today’s shifting world can be very hard to manage. Each day, there are more and more new things than pop up on our computers, and we have to be up to date with all of them, in order to have natural progress in our work. Let’s talk more about Search Engine Optimization and its fast-changing techniques on how to get more organic traffic to your website.


Improve UX on the website – if you want your visitors to have great UX (User Experience) then you must focus on getting simple and clear content for them. Make your posts easy to read with shorter paragraphs, use bullet points and images and most importantly, make sure you have high quality content. If you want your website to look more sophisticated and orderly, use the Pyramid writing method, play with the headlines to gain more structured and clear-cut content. Don’t forget to use the A/B testing process. That way, you can understand how even the tiniest changes affect the quality of your website.


Create a Variety of Backlinks – according to Google, links are the most important when it comes to determine SEO rank.


“Links in particular are very important to Google, because that’s how we discover the rest of your website”


The types of links that are gained through high quality content are the ones that will take your website to the top. Don’t get fooled by thinking that “any type of link” is good for your website.


Instead of keywords, put a focus on topic clusters – as Google is evolving so are the algorithms. To gain more visitors, you must understand the human psychology – what your visitors think about, what they want, how they want it and use that to create search results that will solve all their questions and needs. When it comes to driving traffic on our website, we all rely on the keywords, but what’s more important is the context behind them. Before you create the keywords, pay attention to what their intentions are and what type of content you will create to attract them to visit your website.


Know how to measure SEO Performance – the best way to know that you are on the right path to increase the number of your visitors is to use the right ways to measure the results of your SEO Performance. And before you measure the results, you must focus on the key questions to get the right measurement:


  • Which page was the least visited, and why?
  • What content appealed most to your customers?
  • Which SEO changes resulted in the highest rankings?

To have effective results for your website and make it on the top three results on Google, you must focus on the tiniest details and understand the human psychology in a way that will help you to make the best decisions to get those Google visitors straight to your website.


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