Dear Future Causeway Connect Applicant

Dear future Causeway Connect applicant,
Our HR Team would like to wish you lots of success in the New Year and as a Christmas gift we have decided to give you a bundle of advices that will help you through out your job hunt.

Here goes nothing ! 

In the new Year, We wish You have enough time to read the Job Description for the role You apply and make google your best friend for all those pesky unknown terms !
We wish you collect as much as possible information about the potential client you are applying to work for and read our HR emails as boring as then may sound!
We wish You compare Your profile, skills and requirements with the ones on the Job description before applying!
We wish You DON’T apply just because you had nothing better to do! You need to want to work wth us!
We wish You evaluate yourself as if though you where recruiters!
We wish You find more time to edit your CV in 2020!
We wish You never reject our job offers in the final stages in the recruitment process!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyful Career! 

Yours Truly, The Causeway Connect Recruiters

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