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Among all the blogs we post on our website, we thought that it’s time to brag a little bit about ourselves. We wanted to share a word or two about our process of communication, working and the mindset we share with our clients.

Our company is owned by UK – based professionals that have more than 20 years of experience working in the resource services. Thanks to a rich knowledge in business management and development, we understand and cherish our clients’ needs.

Why is Causeway Connect so important?

Every company out there wants to reduce its business costs. And this is where we step up. Why? Because our in-house teams enable clients to have dedicated employees based in our offices, organisations of all sizes can reduce their costs per employee yet expand their teams and free valuable resources.

Let’s make a short comparison. UK average salary for an admin worker is £19,244, overhead is +57% = £30,866 cost / employee. Not forget to include that nowadays in the UK there’s a large competitive pressure from all directions. That is due to a lack of open job positions. Using the services of Causeway Connect and hiring a cost-effective remote staff, can reduce your costs and help you increase your yearly revenue on a higher level.

What services do we offer?

Our company offers five categories of services, each of them with an additional subcategory:

  • HR and Recruitment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Software Development
  • Shared Helpdesk

“1/3rd of UK companies outsource some or all of their HR functions”

The quality of our staff

Our staff are highly educated Europeans, with excellent knowledge of the English language. We created a perfect construction of our teams that allows us to have a deep understanding of what our customers’ goals are. And find out in what type of business domain they operate in and respond to them with the highest quality and level of tailoring of the proposed resource services.

How do we work?

After clients show interest in working with us, we find the candidates they need. They just need to join the interviewing and selection process. We take full responsibility for everything else such as providing working space, IT, telephones, furniture etc. After the hiring process, the staff is dedicated to the client with no variable costs, no overheads and no additional obligations.

Additional service – we also have an additional service in case one of the interested clients need candidates for project-based work. Odd Jobs is our new platform that allows clients to engage with the candidates we have in our database for short projects.

“75% of companies cite reducing labour costs as a key objective”

If you are interested in productive and successful collaboration, don’t hesitate to visit our website and for more information to contact us at 





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