Chasing Unicorns PART 2

Chances are that if you’ve been in the HR and recruiting industry for more than a few months, you’ve run into that monumental question that plagues recruiters: Should you strive for quality or quantity?

In a utopia world, with perfectly drafted candidate CVs and impressive motivational letters, quality candidates in large quantities are our solution. But this is real life and sometimes finding one quality candidate can drive you insane. So what’s the golden rule that Causeway Connect always tends to follow? Well, like so many things in this business, it depends on the client.

If you ask any recruiter by default, they are going to swear to you that they would rather have one quality candidate that gets the job, than four good candidates that almost get it. Part of that has to do with our feelings, unfortunately. Superb recruiters like to make superb placements. We take pride in what we do and in our ability to translate intangible job descriptions into real-life attributes, expertise and placements that fit like a puzzle piece. But it’s also a time issue. If you’re spending your time with the interview process on candidates who you ‘’think’’ may fit into the job description and ‘second-best’ you’re losing valuable time and time as we know is money…money that could have been spent finding that one unicorn candidate. So rise above the pressure, save your client and your company money by chasing unicorns only. Re-invent the recruitment process, do a non-creepy stalk session on Facebook through the community groups, meet up people in bars and do subtle interviews, and find your best option! 

Which brings me exactly to my next step: BE HANDSY – in a nice way
Recruitment isn’t just scrolling through databases and job boards to find the fit CV, it is not just doing a boolean search on Linkedin or sending Inmails to profile photos that you know almost nothing about. Get to know the job role. If it is in an industry you know nothing about, spend some time talking to people from that industry, to get to know the characteristics of the people that you would be headhunting. Chances are that people with alike jobs will also act alike too. To find out what makes a software developer laugh, what is the one thing network engineers hate, what do accountants do for fun, how big is the ego of a CEO? Get to know the people that you might be interviewing before you see their CV or send them an Inmail.

Approach your target not by offering a job but by leaning what community or Facebook group are they a part of, what bars do they like hanging out in, what is the last concert they have been on. Trust me these things matter when you come face to face with your indomitable unicorn candidate, because you can then offer them not only a job but the environment of their dreams, a fabricated unicorn reserve just for them.

But just before you throw that net of job responsibilities, starting dates and offers toward your unicorn and capture him/her, get LOUD! Talk to your team members about your unicorn, reveal the unicorn’s true colours and skills, their last work experience, the companies they have been part of, and the groups they are in. Look for criticism, and do not take it personally because it will only build you up and make you more cautious about they unicorns you chase. Compare and contrast, and then decide, because once you throw the net, it is on you to take care of your unicorn.

In a world of endless opportunities, sometimes even for a good recruiter, it is hard to believe that you caught a unicorn. So we start to question ourselves, why did the unicorn not struggle when we were capturing him, why did he choose this environment to thrive in? Don’t keep these questions to yourself. Luckily in our world unicorns can talk, and they can give you all the answers. It is the best way to find out how to nurture your unicorn and keep him happy so ask away!

Happy Hunting! 

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