Building Creative Recruitment Strategies

So, you want to recruit the best talent for your organisation? Yeah, you and every other company. This is the most commonly faced issue in today's ever-competitive job market. So, how can you find & recruit the best talent for your own company?

Well, there is no simple answer. We've spoken at lengths of the different sort of recruitment strategies you can undertake, and how you can improve & streamline your recruitment process. But today, we want to focus on a very specific but interesting part of building a recruitment strategy. And that is building creative recruitment strategies. 

Hidden Ads
This tactic has been used by the likes of Facebook, Google, IKEA, and Apple. Because such high-profile companies used this innovative recruitment strategy, it has gained huge popularity throughout the years. For example, Apple left little hints throughout their website for people to put together which would, in the end, forward them to a hidden page where they could apply for the job. Google, for example, bought a bunch of billboards throughout silicon valley which were displayed in the form of a URL puzzle. Once people put together the puzzle, it was a job ad.

Use Video
We've spoken before about how powerful video can be in your recruitment efforts. And what says creativity better than making a recruitment video? There have been several high-profile cases that have used this form of recruitment strategising. Try and explain what your company stands for, and what sort of working culture a potential employee would get into when making this video. Not only will your candidates appreciate the insight and uniqueness, but it's also a great way to reach a broad audience range on social media.

Go Offline
Sometimes you have to go back to the very basics, and that is offline advertising. Back in the days when the internet wasn't a thing, companies used to post their job ads in places such as newspapers, billboards or any other high-visibility area they could find. Nowadays, the good thing is that there are so many different places you can buy ad space at. Whether that's in the bus or on its outside, metro or just mini-billboards scattered around town – the world is your oyster. Using it wisely and in combination with some of the other creative strategies we've mentioned can jumpstart the interest in your job positions. 

Post Ads to Alternative Channels
Last but not least, posting your job ads to alternative sites/channels. We all spend hours on the internet every day, so why not use some non-traditional channels for advertising your job roles? Some high-profile examples of this are Goldman Sachs promoting their opening job positions on Spotify, Amazon using Tinder, many high-profile companies using Medium as a platform to promote their recruitment etc. On the other side of the spectrum, you can also promote your jobs for free on blogs or even sites like Reddit (note: a personal favourite is /r/forhire).

If you're looking for the type of people who are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, who think out of the box and can analyse things from a different perspective then your best bet is to try and directly target those type of people. And an amazingly efficient way you can do this is by having an interesting, creative and thought-provoking recruitment strategy.

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