As a business owner, if I ask you which department is your company’s jewel, I’m pretty certain that you’ll say it’s sales. And it’s no surprise; closing the deal is what matters most at the end of the day.
How many sales-ninjas would you say you have on your team? Would you say what you have is a winning team? It doesn’t really matter, because your financial results will say it much louder and much clearer.Sales isn’t an easy job. Convincing your potential customer that what you’re offering is the right solution for his/her problem is a skill on its own. The fact that every human is different and speaks a different language only makes it harder. And if you think about it in more depth, you’ll soon realise that besides focusing on sales, sales and more sales, your in-house team often ends up doing a bunch of other, unrelated office stuff which aren’t exactly in the recipe for that stellar success you’re after. And all this in the name of efficiency.Benefits of resourcing

Well, it’s the 21st century and that kind of mentality is just no longer an excuse for not moving to the next level. Introducing an often notoriously described business strategy: Using resource sales services.
By using resource sales and marketing services uk companies can really experience that change in the game everybody talks about. Here are a few benefits from using this service with Causeway Connect:

A well-structured, highly-qualified and organized sales team
Our company know what lies in the heart of business process sophistication as a goal: it’s the order, the clear organization, knowing what you’re doing and how to do it to achieve the most optimal results. Resourcing sales services allows you to take advantage of a team that has already developed a procedure for achieving optimal results and is flexible enough to adjust to your specific needs if necessary. Think of your dedicated sales team as a group of highly-skilled, sales professionals, for either direct or indirect sales.

Large pool to choose from
Compared to the UK, Macedonia’s unemployment rate is higher. Most of the people aged 18-35 and above are looking for an employment opportunity with the main drive to get into an international organization, work with well-known clients and build up their careers. We have an extensive pool of highly educated, multilingual individuals with stellar ambition to make it in the business world.

Working environment dedicated only to one goal 
When you use resourcing services, you get a team which isn’t in-house. That team may be in another city in the UK, or overseas. In any case, this team isn’t in your office, neither it’s in the comfort of their home, finding something else to drag their attention. We offer day to day management of your dedicated resources. We make sure they come on time, we inform you on their activity and we make sure they perform at their job.

Clear, concise and measurable results
Everything from lead generation, market research results, call stats and CRM activities we have you covered. Whist defining your expectations we set minimum KPIs required for the role and we make sure we provide you with the required analytics.