Are you going to cross that road?

In most cases, people love their jobs and they are dedicated workers. But, in these days they no longer work for one company their whole year. They evolve intellectually and often they change the way they live. People nowadays are seeking for new experiences. They are not working until retirement and get satisfied with a gold watch. They build their personal life in so many niches, whether we are talking about how they dress, where they travel or what they eat. 

On the other side of the wall, there are the “loyal” employers who are less loyal than they used to be. They see their staff as replaceable. As Heidi Klum said in the Project Runway: “One day you are in and the next day you are out”. So basically, we presented you both sides – employers and employees. 
As I am an employee, I will just focus on staying on the side of the employees and tell you reasons why employees often change their jobs.

Reason 1
Employees will have more chances in raising their salary by accepting a new job offer rather than waiting for that raise that tends to hover around 3 % on average. Want to know the cost if you stay in one place for too long? Well, it can be up to thousands of dollars. Hmm?

Reason 2
People tend to change their jobs because they want to make a turnover in their lives by making a career change. Well, that’s actually not a bad idea if you have multiple talents. Usually, they want to start over in other places by changing the way the lived so far and moving out from their recent places. 

Reason 3
Building experience is the most common reason they change their jobs. Very often, employees are stuck in companies where they can’t improve their skills and build extra knowledge. So, they are looking for more advanced companies that offer more opportunities for their employees. If you are a company and you are reading this, maybe you should consider the opportunities you “give” to your employees.

Reason 4
Once I read that Millennials are not interested in getting married and having kids. Duh! And you know why? On a daily base, we are struggling to make money to survive the end of the month, because “certain” people did a lot of bad things to the economy and we are literally fighting to provide basic things for us. Can you imagine what we are going to have to provide to our future kids? Not enough! And people, this is the 4th reason why we change our jobs. Because we are always seeking for better opportunities for us and the future generations to come.


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