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Being part of this world at the time when technology has significantly impacted our lives is a blessing. Others may think the opposite, but as soon as we see, how many opportunities we have using different technologies, we should be thankful. If we go way back to the past and see how an accountant was dealing with daily tasks, and how they are dealing with the tasks nowadays, we can notice a huge difference. They have come to rely on sophisticated financial software designed to allow them doing their work faster and much better and help them better engage clients and devise appropriate investment and retirement plans for the clients.

What is the role of an Accounting Software?

Specifically, designed accounting software, made of computer applications and programs that automate financial management in a corporate environment, managed by managers to handle a bunch of accounting activities. This type of software is designed to be used by freelance individuals or a whole accounting team.
Using accounting software can bring a lot to your company, starting from reducing your expenses, improving the quality of your accounting decisions or even report accurately on your financial activities. Deployed locally or in cloud, this software can solve most of the tasks you have to do, and its managing depends whether you want to take under control your own updates and security.

Types of accounting software

When planning to use an accounting software, you have to take a look at the bigger picture and define where you want to take your business in the future.

Enterprise Resource Management Software – type of software that can suit all the standard reports and financials tools. This software also includes points of sale, inventory control, billing and customer relationship management. It is industry based and that means that is made particularly for manufacturing and construction.

Payroll Software – the programs in this software are standard tools for accounting and drafting reports (drag-and-drop). Very easy to understand their main features such as cash-flow calculators, and they are also industry based, specifically for accounting products.

Freemium Software – Freemium is not so “Free” and that’s the main difference between this and the two previous types. We may say that it is slightly limited and requires paid subscriptions in order to be used. If you want to use this software, you have to use your company data or your financial information in order to download it.

Benefits of using Accounting Software

  1. Creating Smarter Strategies
  2. Improved Productivity and Get Better Results
  3. Automatic Production of Financial Documents
  4. Controlling Multiple Data Operations in One Platform

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