A Brave New World Pt. 2

There comes a time to wonder whether something as enormous as the battle with the COVID 19 will reshape our society and the way it functions forever. 

Will we construct a brave new world after the virus or will we try and piece together the leftovers from how we used to be before?  

“A Physical Defeat has never marked the end of a nation ‘’ were the words of the great founding father of sociology Ibn Khaldun from his Muqaddimah Prolegomena. They resonate as I write this, making me wonder will this virus psychologically and socially ruin our civilisation, our industries, and social systems, to the point that we will have to start over completely and build an operating system that will be substantially different than the one we used to know? And will our generation as ‘’Millennials” be the leaders of this new social system?

In the wake of a virus that changed the way we operate and carry out our responsibilities and put locks on companies across the industries of HR, Marketing, Sales and even Finance among the others, we learned that the conventional way of working must be questioned and replaced by a more reliable one.

Remote work and online management systems, skype conferences, HR software and dedicated management teams have replaced the 9 to 5 in house office teams. And while organisations across the world were trying to come to terms with the ‘’new normal’’ In the heart of Europe, a company of more than a hundred employees was thriving, already being used to and excelling in the age of ‘’remote work’’ across the industries of HR, Digital Marketing, Finance, IT, Software Development and many more.

The principles on which Causeway Connect operates for more than 5 years is efficient, effective, low cost, and productive. It makes times of crisis such as this one, almost go without notice, because all of our employees consistently work remotely and to the best of their abilities according to our clients.

As mentioned in one of our posts on the outsourcing trend: Outsourcing is mainly cost-efficient as there are fewer employees that need to be added onto the monthly payroll which decreases the overheads of the company. Instead, the emphasis can be put on people that can focus on the main goal of the business. It has grown to be immensely prevalent in the last years as companies develop their needs to be more specific which challenges the traditional market. https://www.causewayconnect.com/benefits-of-outsourcing-finance-and-accounting-services/

If we take a look at specifically the economy post-COVID-19 we can already tell that a recession awaits, and one of the ways that business can keep their profits without straying away from their original goals will be through outsourcing as a new way of operating and managing your business. 

We must admit that every generation has its leitmotif, or a set of values and beliefs that explain the universe, inspire or console the individual by providing answers to the questions of the human condition. In the medieval period, it was religion, in the Enlightenment, it was a reason, in the 19th and 20th centuries it was nationalism and, in our age, for our generation, it is science and technology. Their evolution transcends traditional cultural constraints and will be the backbone of our ‘’Brave New World’’. Technology will bring us closer together and make concepts such as outsourcing, the new way forward. 

We can see from history that a crisis is something to be discovered not just declared, and it brings with itself a lot of changes. The COVID 19 crises is something that we must attempt to resolve as best as we can, in recognition that it will forever change the course of our lives. Our generation as millennials will be judged by whether we were able to make decisions that provided answers to the most consequential issues that this deadly virus brought with itself. We must ensure that we have faced the COVID 19 challenges upfront. Marching straight into the belly of the beast, before even knowing what the outcome could have been, we need to be simply striving for a brave new world.

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