A Brave New World: Post – COVID 19 Management

Our age is insistently, at times almost desperately in search a concept of world consistency. As much as our generation of
power-hungry, ambitious and creative millennials would like to say that we yearn towards a state of anarchy and mystery, we never cease to wonder how our lives will turn out, and who will we be a decade from now, or what will our legacy consist of?

We claim that we are seduced by the adventure of the unknown and the uncertain, but deep down, the fears that accompany us almost always pose the question: what is the unknown and will we be able to prevail? Is the person we are today and right now going to be enough to form and shape the rest of our future? What sort of jobs will we have and how will our career progress, will we become a ‘’someone’’?

In a time when chaos threatens side by side with the disintegration of business models, the impact of environmental depredation, the persistence of genocidal practices, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, deadly viruses and the spread of new technologies that threaten to drive conflict beyond human control, what will determine our future? And how will we manage a world post-COVID 19? Will we come out of this as a ‘’Brave New World’’ or will we succumb to the pressures. Self-proclaimed as the leaders of this brave new world, millennials cannot remain relevant simply by projecting the familiar forward, they must instead let our generation be shaped by new experiences with a more specific meaning especially when it comes to the business models we have created and the work ethics we shape, as they will form the future economic and political systems.

In the wake of a virus that changed the way we operate and carry out our responsibilities and put locks on companies across the industries, we learned that the conventional way of working must be questioned and replaced by a more reliable one. Remote work and online management systems, skype conferences, HR software and dedicated management teams have replaced the 9 to 5 in house office teams. And while organisations across the world were trying to come to terms with the ‘’new normal’’ In the heart of Europe, a company of more than a hundred employees was thriving, already being used to and excelling in the age of ‘’remote work’’ across the industries of HR, Digital Marketing, Finance, IT, Software Development and many more.

So, who are we and how are we creating the future of work one employee at a time? Stay tuned to find out, next Thursday is only 7 days away 🙂

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