5 Ways you can improve your PPC campaign


Paid Advertising is a great thing. Okay, you probably already knew that, but seriously. I love how many different things you can achieve with paid advertising. Anything from driving more traffic to your website, to getting in more calls or direct product purchases. When used properly, PPC can be a very powerful tool for your business. But, given how complex PPC is, I’d like to give you my personal top 5 ways to improve your PPC Campaign.

Negative Keywords

Building your list of negative keywords should be quite obvious, but a lot of people don’t give them enough attention. Having negative keywords is key for improving your quality score, utilising every cent spent on the campaign and improving your overall quality score.
With this, you’re ensuring that the person who comes onto your website is someone with intent/interest to buy your product and not just someone who accidentally got drawn into an irrelevant search. Take your time to find the correct negative keywords and build up your list so can get quality leads into your funnel.

Focus on Over performing Keywords

A lot of campaigns go in with a scatter gun approach instead of focusing their ad groups around their most successful keywords. Obviously, (you’re going to see me say this word a lot) this isn’t a good idea.
Once you’ve found your favorite and best-performing keywords, try using a four-match type bidding strategy. Whether you’re using broad, modifier, phrase or exact match, maximise your output by bidding the highest on these keywords with all the different match types. If done well, it can boost your keywords to perform even better than they already are!

Fix your Under performing Keywords

There are several reasons why this might be happening but focus on what we mean by under performing. There can be three different types of under performing keywords:
·         Not generating any impressions,
·         Generating impressions but not getting any clicks,
·         Generating clicks but not getting any conversions.
If your keywords aren’t generating any impressions, it means that whatever words you’re spending money on just aren’t getting any searches. If after a given period this is still the case, try replacing them with some more popular keywords. If people are searching for those terms but you aren’t getting clicks, your keywords are probably not relevant enough.
Try to target more specific groups of people and play around with the different bidding strategies to see which one of them will bring you the most clicks. And finally, if you’re not getting any conversions you need to think about optimising your site and landing page to be more user (and conversion) friendly.

Competitor Analysis

As we mentioned in our SEO blog post, one of the best things about working digitally is that you can check what your competitors are doing at any given time. Do some research about other companies like yours that in the same industry and see exactly what sort of campaign they’re running and how successful it is. There are many tools for PPC competitor analysis, such as SEMrush, SpyFu and many others.

Make Ads Time Sensitive
The good thing about Google Ads is that it is extremely customisable, and you can tinker with your campaign to maximise its efficiency. One of the best customisable factors is time. You can choose exactly which hours you want your ads to be shown.
The idea is that you want to show as many ads as possible within the selected hours and try and make as much money within that period. For example, if you’re running ads for a towing company you can run ads through the weekend (and increase your ad spend at this time) because you’ll probably be charging a premium fee to tow a car at midnight on a Saturday.
Pay attention to when you’re getting the most clicks, at what time of the day/year your customers are active and when they’re not. For example, if you’re a B2B company, running ads for Christmas probably doesn’t make much sense.

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