5 Rules That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

Before you get the job, you have to go through the entire interviewing process. But not always is this process smooth from start to finish.Sometimes the interviewer doesn’t ask the right questions, and sometimes the interviewee, nervously, can’t think of the right answers.In today’s article, we’ve mentioned the 5 rules that will help you land your dream job!

1.   Do Your Research

The basic rule before you go into an interview is: Do your research on the company. You might ask yourself “What could happen if I don’t?”. Well, going blindly into an interview can easily backfire on you. And this can lead to you not getting the job. So, to avoid this unwanted situation, you should always do some research on the company’s field of work, working culture and history.

2.    Five Minute Impression

According to a study, interviewers can make up their minds about a candidate within the first 5 minutes. If you leave a good first impression, you can sail smoothly through the rest of the interview. The best thing you can do is approach the conversation with a positive and enthusiastic attitude and express your excitement about working for the company. This will massively boost your chances if you want to land your dream job.

3.    Sell Yourself

In every interview, there is always that part where you convince the employer that you’re the right candidate for the job. Don’t be shy to sell yourself. Have your 5 minutes to talk about yourself and your achievements, but don’t go over the top. Interviewing, like any good conversation, is a two-way street. Explain why you think you’re the right fit for the job, and what sort of value you can provide to the company.

4.    Body Language

Let your first impression be your key to success, and don’t be afraid to look the interviewer in the eyes. When you introduce yourself, give them a firm handshake. During the interview, make a note to speak loudly and clearly. Dress appropriately for the job, but don’t wear anything too excessive. After all, you want the focus to be on your skills, not your perfume.

5.   Proven Problem Solver

Quite often, candidates get asked about a problem they had to face at work and how they dealt with it. This shows what sort of behaviourthe candidate has during high-pressure situations. Whether it’s dealing with an angry customer, a last-minute organisational error, or just a time where you saved the day with your actions. 

Let them know that you can handle any situation thrown at you. Employers want their candidates to show they’re prepared and can find a solution to any problematic situation. And it’s up to you to show them that you are the candidate that they are looking for.

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